Niels Peeters

Viajar era la actividad más valiosa para Niels. Su lema (expresado en sus propias palabras): "Disfrutar de la vida en cada momento que puedas. Solo el momento cuenta, eso es válido para todos, pero también lo entiendo intensamente". Niels fue embajadora de Muco & Friends con todo su corazón. ¡Dondequiera que estuviera Niels, estaba su Muco!

2013 | Oslo | Niels and Muco in front of the Royal Palace

Niels traveled to many countries, and she made friends all over the world.
n all those countries, she photographed her Muco.

She personally knew the Norwegian Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak.

Alexander Rybak offered his condolences to Niels' family on his Facebook page, saying: ‘Instead of complaining about life, she started her own cystic fibrosis charity and even collaborated with a brand of super cute monkeys (my house is full of them).’

On the Muco & Friends website, we wrote after learning about Niels' passing:

Our hearts are broken ๐Ÿ˜ญ

We received the devastating news on 20-11-2020 that Niels Peeters, our ambassador, has passed away.
Niels Peeters was our ambassador abroad and introduced Muco Monkey in numerous countries!

Especially among artists abroad, Niels knew her way around quite well!

She was a genius in organizing large charity events!
We could also confidently leave school campaigns to Niels!

Dear, dear Niels, thank you for everything you have meant to us and done for us, but above all, we were friends!

You will forever remain in our hearts!
Love, Cobi Zuiderwijk.
Board member of the Muco & Friends Foundation. ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’–

Below, Niels in her own words explains why she wanted to be our ambassador:

"The reason I advocate for this foundation is that I was born with CF myself. In 2007, I underwent a lung transplant. Without these lungs, I would never have been able to live the life I have now.
I can now undertake various activities such as cycling, hiking, sports, sailing, attending concerts, going on vacation by plane, and so on.

I would very much like to see more children with CF have as beautiful a life in the future as I have now."

Querida familia,

Querida Niels,

Hoy, 20-11-2021, hace un año que nos dejaste, y aún extrañamos enormemente tu energía, risa, calidez, dedicación y esfuerzo. No pasa un día sin un momento en el que te recordemos...

Hoy hemos decidido darle a nuestro mono blanco, tu compañero de viaje, el nombre de 'Sr. Nilsson' a partir de ahora. Esto lo hacemos en respeto a ti, querida Niels, y por el amor a todo lo que significaste para nosotros y muchos otros.

Con amor y recuerdos