Jari and Puck
Jari and Puck's Idea

Jari and Puck Jari and Puck's Idea In 2006, Cystic Fibrosis was diagnosed in Jari and Puck Zuiderwijk
This condition is commonly referred to as cystic fibrosis. For the Zuiderwijk family, this was a tremendous shock.
It quickly became evident that in order to provide Jari, Puck, and all CF patients with personalized treatment, a substantial amount of funding is required for scientific research into the causes, treatment, and cure of CF.


This is how the Zuiderwijk family came up with the idea to initiate a fundraising campaign with the purpose of providing financial support for scientific research.
This financial support for scientific research is crucial for the well-being of CF patients!

Scientific research is focused on enhancing the quality of life and potential cure for individuals with CF.

The Zuiderwijk family commenced their efforts by raising funds through activities such as collecting donations at markets and going door-to-door.

Every single cent the family raised in the early years was directed towards the NCFS (Netherlands Cystic Fibrosis Foundation). The NCFS serves as an advocacy organization for CF patients. The family established agreements with the NCFS, ensuring that the donated funds collected from markets and door-to-door initiatives were allocated to projects aimed at potential CF cures.