Your support is vital for CF patients!

Determined to beat CF

Under permanent actions, the following are understood:

- The sale of Muco cuddly monkeys by volunteers

- Actions in the Netherlands or abroad by ambassadors

Muco is the mascot of Muco & Friends.

Muco & Friends, along with volunteers and ambassadors, consider it important to provide information about CF and the latest developments in medical science regarding CF treatment and medication during the sale of Muco cuddly monkeys and during various events. In addition to the sale of Muco cuddly monkeys, there is a wide range of other cuddly toys available. An overview of these can be found in our online store, Happy Shop.


Fixed actions are actions that are held everywhere in the country.


Our ambassadors also maintain international contacts. As a result, the sale of Muco cuddly monkeys is not limited to within the national borders.


Ambassador Jason Bouman raises awareness about CF and sells Muco plush apes during his six-week summer tour in Spain every year.

Another example

Muco is also very well known in Norway.