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Yearly recurring actions:


Mallejan, Utrecht

At Mallejan, it's all about a cozy evening at Mallejan in Maarssen with singing and dancing.
This evening takes place on the last Saturday of January. And is fully organized by Erna and Danny Temming. Muco & Friends has a booth with fantastic prizes for a lottery.
During the evening, lottery tickets are sold to the attending audience, and prizes can be claimed based on the ticket numbers.
The prizes are provided by sponsors.

Bingo in Hoek van Holland

At the Bingo in Hoek van Holland event, Marijke van Kampen. Takes charge of organizing the evening. She arranges the location and makes arrangements with Café Prins Hendrik in Hoek van Holland. Marijke selects a date and ensures that the bingo event runs smoothly. The event occurs twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. The prizes for the bingo are generously provided by sponsors, contributing to the success of the event and the fundraising efforts.

Culinair Creatief

Culinair Creatief is a cooking workshop held at the cooking studio of Eric Jan Fransen, a chef in The Hague. This event takes place in November. During the evening, Eric-Jan explains what will be prepared, and he divides the participants into groups, with each group responsible for preparing one course. It's a delightful evening with high-quality food in an elegant and convivial setting.

Cricket Association

Voorburg VCC, the cricket club in Voorburg, has Muco & Friends as its shirt sponsor. Starting from the 2019 season, new shirts were acquired by the club for its members, featuring the Muco & Friends logo. Additionally, Muco & Friends knuffelapen (plush monkeys) are sold in the clubhouse by the person behind the bar.

Farm Fair

In Voorschoten, Muco & Friends has a complimentary booth where we can sell stuffed animals and cuddly monkeys from our Happy Shop.

Ramble Rally

In 2020, there was a 5-day rally across Europe, the starting and ending points of which were unknown to participants. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rally was postponed by a year to 2021. The "Scheurende Zwagers" participated in this 5-day European rally.