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Who is Ineke Braakman?
What does Ineke Braakman investigate

Explanation of protein folds
"Helping hands to cure CF"

Who is Ineke Braakman?

Since 2000, Ineke Braakman has been a professor of cellular protein chemistry at Utrecht University. She researches the formation of proteins in our cells and the potential abnormalities in this process that can lead to diseases such as CF, Alzheimer's, and ALS.

What is researching Ineke Braakman?

"Cystic fibrosis turns out to be a protein-folding disease," says Ineke Braakman. Ineke Braakman has been researching the protein-folding process for decades. In the case of CF, the folding of the CFTR protein is disrupted. Ineke Braakman's research demonstrates how the healthy CFTR protein folds, what goes wrong in mutant proteins, and how new drugs function.

Explanation of protein folds

Ineke Braakman explains how research on proteins can contribute to curing multiple diseases.

"Helping hands to cure CF."

"This research, financially supported in part by Muco & Friends, focuses on the genetic origins of the disease. Over time, through the 'Helping hands to cure CF' research, more has become known about which gene the mutation is located in and which factors influence the mutation."