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Muco & Friends supports two research projects
Life Expectanc


In the Netherlands, about 1600 people have CF. CF is caused by a mutation in the DNA located in the CFTR gene.

The five most common CFTR gene mutations are F508del, G542X, G551D, N1303K, and W1282X.

Individuals with CF can have two copies of the same CF mutation or two different CF mutations. In Northern Europe, over 80% of CF patients have the delta-F508 mutation.

Muco & Friends supports two research projects.

Ineke Braakman leads the research "Helping Hands to Cure CF". This research has been ongoing for several years and has been financially supported by Muco & Friends since 2015 through your donations.

Jeffrey Beekman leads the research on 'Rare CFTR Mutations', which is financially supported by Muco & Friends through your donations.

Life Expectancy

Thanks to scientific research, we know that CF is congenital and a disorder in water and salt transport that leads to thick mucus. We also know that the average life expectancy of people with CF has significantly improved in recent years due to results from scientific research.

For children born with CF at present, the average life expectancy continues to increase due to discoveries made by scientists.

Currently, the average life expectancy of someone with CF is around 40 years.

t is expected that life expectancy will continue to rise further due to the development of new medications. Ultimately, we hope for treatments that will cure CF.