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Muco has driving lessons!

Muco the monkey has been the mascot of the Muco & Friends Foundation for years, an organization dedicated to research on Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Muco is a brave and cheerful monkey who is always ready to contribute in the fight against CF.

Op a certain day, Muco came up with the idea of taking driving lessons. He wanted to travel across the country to appear at various events and markets, raising more awareness for CF. He believes it's important to raise awareness about the impact of this disease and to raise funds for research, hopefully leading to a cure in the near future.

The driving lessons were not easy for Muco because he had never driven before. But he persisted and practiced hard, just like he always did when he wanted to achieve something important. Eventually, he obtained his driver's license at Klaas Kloosterman's driving school in Rottevalle and was ready to hit the road. Muco is also a regular visitor at Mark Kamperman's driving school! And you know what's so exciting? Every student who passes their exam there gets me as a gift!!

Muco purchased a small but comfortable car that was specially equipped for his campaign against CF. He loads his plush Muco monkeys inside and hits the road. Everywhere he goes, he attracts a lot of attention. People love seeing him drive and are inspired by his dedication and determination.

Muco's campaigns are a great success. He travels across the country and appears at numerous events and markets, where he sells his plush Muco monkeys and educates people about CF. The money he raises is used for research into this disease and brings hope to the many people affected by it.

Muco is incredibly proud of what he has achieved. Not only has he fulfilled his dream of traveling across the country, but he has also made a significant contribution to the fight against CF. He knows that there is still much work to be done, but he is determined to continue and keep fighting for a world without CF.