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A child with a beautiful nam

The newspaper arrived in the mail on Saturday, July 17, and my eye immediately fell on Yarick's story. When I opened the newspaper there was this photo. A photo that gave me a lump in my throat again.

"The picture of the monkey, Muco the monkey, the mascot of our Muco & Friends Foundation, the proceeds of which go towards scientific research for Cystic Fibrosis. A monkey that we always asked people to take with them on their vacation for perhaps a fun photo to draw some attention to CF when we sold it."

(While everyone knows the mascot of Kika and how anyone can get this terrible disease for free,) but with CF, you are born with it, and people know little or nothing about it. That's why we asked people to take a photo when they bought the monkey.

The shock was immense when we heard about the MH17 on the news and saw the photo of the monkey.

Muco, our monkey, symbolizes awareness and the possibility of a cure for CF.

Now, the photo in the newspaper showed death and destruction. Our thoughts went to a child who took Muco with them for perhaps a nice photo for us.

A child we still think about regularly, a child without a name. Until the newspaper with the touching story of Yarick landed in the mailbox.

Words fall short; the child of Muco the monkey has a name, and it's a beautiful name.

Her name was


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