Your support is vital for CF patients!

Around the summer holidays, the team from Shirley 4CF, together with Muco & Friends Foundation, will be distributing our monkeys to children admitted to the hospital.
Will you help us to distribute as many monkeys as possible?
Donate €10,- for a whole monkey or €5,- for a symbolic half monkey."

"Children with cystic fibrosis, as well as with other illnesses, are too often hospitalized. A child should be playing, not lying in the hospital. That's why we're taking action. Unfortunately, we can't make the children better, but we can make their time in the hospital more enjoyable. However, we can't do this alone! That's why we're asking for your help. We want to receive as many donated monkeys as possible to distribute to pediatric wards across the country. We aim to distribute the monkeys around the summer holidays to the children in the hospital.

But to make all of this possible, we need your help! Click below on the donate monkey button to make a donation."

"The monkeys cost €10 each, but smaller donations are also welcome. Several small donations together also contribute to providing a whole monkey!

Mollie (

Will you help us give the children in the hospital a cuddle buddy?

If you would like to donate a larger quantity of monkeys for business purposes, please feel free to contact us!"

"Stichting Muco & Friends has been granted a Public Benefit Organization (PBO) status by the Tax Authorities. This means that Muco & Friends operates without profit motives and is committed to the general interest. Muco & Friends meets the requirements set by the Tax Authorities."