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CF stands for Cystic Fibrosis. Other terms include: cystische fibrose, fibrocystic disease, mucoviscidosis, mucoviscoidose, mucoviscoïdose, taaislijmziekte, and fibrosis cystica.

In the Netherlands, CF is one of the most common hereditary diseases with a limited life expectancy.

CF doesn't occur spontaneously.
The cause is a defective gene.

The Muco & Friends Foundation hopes that scientists will eventually succeed in removing the defective gene and replacing it with a healthy one.

There is still a long way for scientists to go to figure out how to introduce new genes into the cell nuclei of those with CF. Scientific research brings new insights and improved treatment, enhancing life expectancy. This is why the Muco & Friends Foundation supports scientific research into the causes, treatment, and cure of CF through fundraising.

Muco & Friends is determined to defeat CF! Are you with us?

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